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JZ Mommy & Baby Essentials (JZMBE)

Little Baby Grains Organic Baby Ramen

Little Baby Grains Organic Baby Ramen

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Best for babies 12 months up who can chew well :)


Extra fine artisan noodles inspired by Japan🎌. 

❤️Made from only premium, all-natural ingredients

❤️NO nasties, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavours, NO artificial colours

❤️Produced in limited batches to preserve freshness and nutrients

❤️Contains organic Australian lake salt, organically accredited by BFA, Australia's leading accreditation body. Clean, pure, high quality and pollution-free salt


✔️Customized noodle length for kids. No cutting required! ✂️

✔️Cooks fast, only 4-5 minutes!

✔️Yummy and flavorful - can also be eaten plain

✔️Individual-piece packing for hygiene and freshness

✔️Halal, manufactured in GMP facility


Weight: 250g, 5 separate servings - 50g each pouch. 

Usage Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place. 

Ingredients: Premium, non-GMO unbleached wheat flour, beetroot / spinach / pumpkin (depending on flavour chosen), filtered water, fibre, organic Australian lake salt (1.5%) 


Little Baby Grains by GNUBKINS is a leading brand of organic and natural products for babies and children. Founded by a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach and mother, our products are trustworthy, honest and perfect for starting solids. We only select quality ingredients which are either organic or natural. Where possible, we source our ingredients from local farmers and we only work with ethical partners. We're passionate about helping you! From the moment your baby starts solids, we are there for you with recipes, instructions and guides. 

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