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JZ Mommy & Baby Essentials (JZMBE)

Mamajoo Twin Silicone Bottle Teats

Mamajoo Twin Silicone Bottle Teats

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Product Features

Age of Use: 0+ months



The anti colic valves in mamajoo Silicone Bottle Teats helps prevent the risk of babies swallowing air. 

The mamajoo Silicone Bottle Teats, which are designed to be in a similar form to mothers’ breasts, are flexible thanks to the helices.

mamajoo Silicone Bottle Teats are produced with high quality transparent, tasteless and odourless silicone. It is suitable for all ages, smooth easy to clean. 

The storage box that comes with mamajoo Silicone Bottle Teats can be used repeatedly by sterilising and can hygienically store Silcone Bottle Teats.

mamajoo Silicone Bottle Teats are presented in four different sizes with different types of flow to accomodate babies’ needs and development.



Country of Brand: Turkey / Germany

Country of Origin: Turkey

Conformed EU Standards: EN 14350

Conformed US Standards: F.D.A (21 C.F.R Part 177.2600)



Package Content:

2 x Silicone Bottle Teats 

1 x Bottle Teat Storage Box



Cleaning and Sterilisation: 

mamajoo Bottle teats can be washed in dishwasher or by hand. After washing, it can be sterilized using mamajoo Sterilizers or by boiling for 5 minutes. Do not use abrasive or anti-bacterial detergents and change bottle teats regularly.

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