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MQT Organic Nipple Care

MQT Organic Nipple Care

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Organic Nipple Care All in ONE Breast Balm


❤️Deeply moisturizes the Nipple Pores, Areola and the whole Breast to help open nipple holes for maximum breast milk flow and output. It helps to open not only 2 but all 9 holes in each breast, getting them ready for breastfeeding. MQT Nipple Care All in one Breast Balm is so amazing in making breast feeding and pumping experience effortless.


It helps Un- clog nipple pores and Milk Ducts for a blissful milk flow.


It also helps moisturize dry , flaky and cracked nipples during pregnancy & lactation. Aids in relieving pain and facilitates healing on sore cracked and bitten nipples.


Made from organic, unprocessed, unbleached & pure stingless bees beeswax. Premium grade Virgin Coconut Oil and Grapeseed oil, locally sourced, handmade with love and created by a breastfeeding Mum for all Mum and Mums to be. Zero chemical and safe for everyone. MQT Nipple Care Organic All in one Breast Balm has zero water content therefore longer shelf life (up to 2 year for un-opened and 1 year for opened tubs.


greatly helps in opening Nipple Holes (nipple orifices)


Easing sore , cut and baby bitten nipples, milk blisters


Moisturize dry flaky and itchy areola during pregnancy and post partum (after birth care)


Helps cut down pumping time to half by facilitating quick Let down reflex.


For Best results use the balm prior to each pumping session to help open nipple pores for faster and easy breezy pumping experience. Apply the balm at least 10 minutes before latching,pumping or hand expressing. Gently massage the breast area and latch on or pump on.

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