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JZ Mommy & Baby Essentials (JZMBE)

Ivenet Pure Baby Soy Sauce

Ivenet Pure Baby Soy Sauce

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Baby Seasonings l Recommended age: 10 months up
-It’s made with fermented and locally produced beans and wheat.
-It includes fruits and vegetables extracts to make the traditional soy sauce much more delicious.
-It it less salty compared to normal soy sauce and matches the kids tastebuds.
-No additives. Made from organic unrefined sugar and vegetable extract. Fermented soy bean paste. NOT de-acidified.
2 Types:
*Soup- for soup based food
*Bibim- made for mixing rice and side dishes (will be available soon in the Philippines)
Ingredients: Brewed Soy Sauce49%[Wheat(Korea)18%, Soybean(Korea)13%, Salt, Malt Syrup, Spirit], Purified Water, Organic Sugar2%, Ferment Spirit, Kelp Concentrate [Kelp Extract (Kelp :Korea), Salt(Korea)], Shiitake Mushroom Concentrate [Shiitake Mushroom Extract(Dried Shiitake Mushroom: Korea, Salt: Korea),Salt(Korea)], Onion Concentrate. Contain Soybean, Wheat
Ivenet Baby Product Line
Ivenet Pure Soy Sauce

Baby Seasonings l Recommended age: 12 months up
Producing the very first salt for our babies and children which contains seaweed calcium and salt from Australian Lake waters, Ivenet has thoughtfully produced this Pure Calcium Salt especially for our little ones in mind!
- Contains Seaweed Calcium for good calcium absorption -Use clean lake salt from Australia - Salt is clean and clear,
without any impurities and provides the salt a mild taste -Thoughtfully made for our children
Ivenet Baby Pr

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