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Mamajoo Elegant Breast Pads 30s

Mamajoo Elegant Breast Pads 30s

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Product Features:


Single-use Mamajoo disposable Ultra Absorbent Breast Pads help to prevent clothes getting wet and staining from breastmilk leakage while allowing mother’s sensitive nipples to remain hygienic. Mamajoo Ultra Absorbent Breast Pads provide better dryness with their width of 13 cm, a high absorbency capacity that can reach 90 ml, silky texture, ultra-absorbent gel and ultra-thin structure, therefore they are consumer-friendly in terms of both comfort and economy. With their one-way moisture absorption technology for complete dryness, unique 4-layer structure with leak-proof backing sheet, they are the ideal product for day and night use.



    ULTRA absorbent, soft, breathable top layer - keeps breast dry at all times

    ULTRA absorbent cushioned layer -  provides extra absorption, dryness and comfort

    ULTRA absorbent gel-filled inner layer – prevents leakage and staining

    ULTRA breathable outer layer – helps to heal sore or cracked nipples



Provides the longest dryness with high absorbency capacity

Ultra-thin, soft, and breathable structure helps sore or cracked nipples aerate and heal.

It is very comfortable thanks to its anti-slip adhesive tape.

Breast pads come in single bags for full hygiene and allows you to carry with when needed.


Country of Brand: Turkey / Germany

Country of Origin: PRC

Conformed EU Standards: TS EN ISO 21149:2009, TS EN ISO 22717:2009, TS EN ISO 18416:2011, TS EN ISO 22718:2011, TS EN ISO 16212:2012

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