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JZ Mommy & Baby Essentials (JZMBE)

Mamajoo Orthodontic Soother/Pacifier

Mamajoo Orthodontic Soother/Pacifier

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Product Features:


Mamajoo soothers are designed to be suitable for babies’ tooth and palate development. The extra-wide air holes on the soother reduces the risk of babies’ sensitive skin getting sore.

Mamajoo Orthodontic Silicone Soothers are manufactured using BPA and Phthalate Free high quality materials and high quality, transparent, tasteless and odourless silicone. It’s ideally soft for any age group, smooth and easy to clean.

The air holes on Mamajoo Orthodontic Silicone Soothers’ shell prevents saliva build-up, facilitate air circulation and reduce risk of soreness on babies’ sensitive skin.

Mamajoo Orthodontic Silicone Soothers have a safety ring to remove the soother from the mouth when needed, hold on to the soother and carry on hand.

The Blister packs include 1 Design Soother and 1 Opaque Soother of the same colour. Mamajoo Soother Storage Boxes can be bought separately.

Mamajoo Orthodontic Silicone Soothers are presented in three different sizes and color options suitable for 0-24 month olds.  


Country of Brand: Germany / Turkey

Country of Origin: Turkey

Conformed EU Standards:  EN1400


Package Contents:

1 x Mamajoo Design Orthodontic Silicone Soother

1 x Mamajoo Opaque Orthodontic Silicone Soother



Cleaning and Sterilization:

Can be washed by hand or using a dishwasher. After washing, the product can be sterilized with Mamajoo sterilizers or by boiling for 5 minutes. Do not use abrasive detergents and switch soothers regularly.  

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