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JZ Mommy & Baby Essentials (JZMBE)

Stemcell Mystic Drink

Stemcell Mystic Drink

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Stemcell Mystic Drink is ✔️FDA Approved and formulated with 12 high-quality actives that may help fight diseases 


Apple stemcell   

Grape stemcell   

Deer Placenta  


Omega 3,6,9    

Blueberry Extract  

Acai Berry Extract   

Silymarin Extract  

Hyaluronic Acid  

Chlorella extract  

Barley Grass Extract  

+ Stevia


Stemcell Mystic Drink is pure natural complex of stem cells plus placenta and 10 more precious active ingredients that regulate physiological and immune system function, keep tissues and cells healthy inside and out, and improve the overall quality health of life.


Formulated using Japan technology with high caliber finest ingredients of young fresh deer placenta that is harvested from a healthy supreme environment origin of Switzerland plus 11 more scientific studied active ingredients for the best efficacy to a human body.


To be taken by mixing with your regular clean drinking water making it a mystical immune boosting, beauty and heath drink with powerful actives and no additives at all. No extenders or fillers and no animal was harm in creating this product. A complete 100% all-natural drink.


That said, with healthy eating habits (nutrient rich whole foods) and lifestyle (keeping away from cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, stress, late nights, etc) and proper exercise and healthy diet improve and speed up the over all benefits Stemcell Mystic Drink brings.



This apple flavored powdered drink can be taken hot or cold.

1. Add 4 teaspoons to your 200-250 ml glass of water.

3. Make sure to mix well. Our powerful ACTIVE INGREDIENTS may appear lighter or darker in color and in slightly different granule sizes.

4. Thank your Mystical Drink for additional activation of it’s benefits. 

5. Enjoy anytime of the day!


A pouch is sold at 1,500 & can last to 10 days or more

₱1500/10 days = ₱150/day for this MYSTIC DRINK.

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